Windows Updates will not find updates for Windows

  Giggle n' Bits 19:24 29 Oct 2016

Hello all Being trying to run and download windows updates for windows 7 SP1 64 bit for a few months now and just can not get windows updates to find any updates for windows 7. It keeps endlessly scanning for hours with no result.

My Question is: Have Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit updates.

I have no infections, Time, Date etc set ok, nothing else taking resources from the internet when I try to run Windows Updates.

Help Please

  Giggle n' Bits 12:00 31 Oct 2016

Not fixed this issue so re asking question.

  JanixPad 18:04 02 Nov 2016

Did you install again windows update?

  Burn-it 16:28 03 Nov 2016

I have Win7 64bit and get updates. There was a problem back in February time where there was a change to the way it searched for updates so if it was that long since doing any, it wouldn't surprise at all. Also MS have just changed the way they deliver them again and it means that the updates can now be quite large EVERY month so if you have a slow line it may take a long time. In my opinion MS have made a huge mistake and have lost what respect they had. They ARE trying to force people to upgrade to 10 where there is far more money for them from advertising and such. I am involved in a permanent struggle to remove all the control they keep pushing in W10 and every update involves hours of re-checking and re-removing spyware that they keep re-issuing and updating. I would NOT use Windows 10 in a commercial environment because it is SO insecure.

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