Windows update taking a long time

  tutorpros1 23:00 22 Nov 2015

What's the record for time taken for Windows to search for updates?

I'm crossing the 5-day mark.

  Govan1x 23:46 22 Nov 2015

Switch it off then go to control panel. Troubleshooting. Windows update and it should fix a couple of problems.Reboot and try running it again.

If no good try cmd as administrator and type in sfc /scannow and see if it fixes any problems.

Take it you are using W10.

  tutorpros1 00:00 23 Nov 2015

Actually, I'll expound on my question... It's Microsoft update, not Windows. I have an XP, and a couple of weeks ago, I really screwed it up. I uninstalled all of my Frameworks, SP's, and updates. Don't ask me why. At one point, I got error messages on start-up. I still can't access my search field from Start. I can't access IE or updates homepages, or any administration tools. System restore (which would solve all of my problems) doesn't work. I can access it but it says "no changes have been made to your computer" I cleared up all the major issues (I hope), but my program list in control panel doesn't show Fr. 3.0 SP 3. It goes up to Fr. 3.0 SP 2, and then jumps to Fr. 3.5 SP 1. But my system title still says Fr. 3 SP 3. I don't really care about that, but my WMM is malfunctioning. WMM is my bread and water. I get a collections error on start-up, and a format error when I try to import. I have a gut feeling that if/when Microsoft updates is done searching, then I'll get my WMM back. If anybody strongly disagrees and knows that I'm wasting my time, then I'd be happy to hear from them.

  wee eddie 01:50 23 Nov 2015

I suppose it depends on your download speed. But if you have SP2 & 3 as well as 10 years of updates, it's bound to take a while

  tutorpros1 03:22 23 Nov 2015

I agree. And I appreciate your input.

  wee eddie 11:51 23 Nov 2015

Until you have managed to update IE, you're going to be in trouble as, if I remember rightly, XP has IE6 as it's native installation.

You may have to try Chrome

  tutorpros1 19:56 23 Nov 2015

I don't know if IE 6 was XP'S native installation, but it's the one that I have. One of things that I tried, after I screwed everything up, was to update my IE 6 to IE 8. That didn't fix any of my problems so I uninstalled it back to IE 6. I definitely had IE 6 before all this happened, and of course my WMM was working with it. Thanks. All of your input is spot-on.

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