Windows Update prevents start up every time.

  Salamander7 16:11 04 Apr 2018

My Toshiba Laptop refuses to start whenever a Windows 10 update downloads. Only way to start the machine is by undoing latest update. My question is am I doomed never to have a Windows 10 update? Is there a way I can get my laptop to accept the updates? I presume it is a Hardware or driver issue? The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C50-B-14D.

  Govan1x 16:28 04 Apr 2018

Once it is downloaded it should give you the option of restarting your laptop to finish the update. Do you do that.

Are you letting Windows Update download updates automatically if so try downloading them manually then restart the laptop.

Take it you have lots of room left on your hard drive..

Try using disk clean up and when that is finished running click on clean up file system on the new box that opens. That should remove any old updates and I would do that before checking for new updates.

Or. Control panel. Troubleshooting, Then click on the windows updates and run that to see if it finds any problems.

  wee eddie 16:35 04 Apr 2018

Plug it into the Mains and go make a cup of tea.

I have found that the possibility of delaying Updates is a myth and it's easier to reschedule ones day, rather than sitting there getting frustrated

  christinebelle 03:07 10 Apr 2018

Windows 10 will help you check the updates automatically. So you do not need to set it. And of course, you can follow start > settings > update & security > check for updates to check it manually. And then Windows 10 will download the updated files including the drivers, updated system files, etc. Click here to learn more about 4 things you should know about Windows 10 update: click here of course, i think the Windows 10 update is a bit annoying. Sometimes when you are working, it pops up a updating remind. So you can try to stop the auto-updates for Windows 10. If you want, click here to get the tutorial.

And there is a common problem about Windows 10 update, just like Govan1x said, you should leave enough space for the Windows 10 update. Because Windows 10 update stuck in downloading process is common. And here is a solution for here this can help you learn more about Windows 10 Update.

And Wish

  Salamander7 21:11 12 Apr 2018

The laptop finally starts after a load of hassle featuring automatic repair etc. It is then fine for as long as I dont restart or switch off and then back on. When I get to next day after an over night switch off I am back to square one. It is nothing to do with lack of space. I suspect it is due to update files becoming corrupted.

  christinebelle 05:08 13 Apr 2018

Try to see the update history and Event Viewer to find out what happened.

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