Windows Update on new hardware with old OS.

  rdave13 16:12 17 Mar 2017

Just some information that Microsoft won't support an older version of Windows on a new machine - so be aware. From ZDNet .

  Aitchbee 18:02 17 Mar 2017

Thanks, rdave13.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:46 17 Mar 2017

That's a useful tip Dave - thanks.

  rdave13 19:05 17 Mar 2017

Another thing to be aware of, now that the Creator's update (upgrade to me) is imminent, is that Windows Update might not be available to pre-Anniversary Updated Windows 10 PCs.

  wee eddie 19:13 17 Mar 2017

Looks like I got an Update today.

I have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if I still have a working PC. Maybe I'll loose my Edge Favourites once again. At least I have a two week old backup, I think!

  rdave13 19:19 17 Mar 2017

wee eddie I gave you a program that works to backup Edge's favourites. So I assume you didn't follow it rather than using other browsers to import them. Good news though, in the next upgrade, Edge will be able to export and import to a file you create - if the problem persists.

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