Windows update failure (won't restart)

  JamieWal 09:14 15 May 2018

So, a few months ago i did an update on my computer which has windows 10 and the update failed. Now whenever i restart my computer it comes up with the following message "update failed, to re-install windows, restart the update" the only problem with this is that I can't get it to start up as it keeps displaying this message. I have managed to get command prompt up and was wondering if this could be fixed through it.

  Forum Editor 10:14 15 May 2018

Just to be clear...

You are saying that you cannot get to the Windows desktop - is that correct?

  JamieWal 10:30 15 May 2018

Yes, that's correct

  Forum Editor 11:06 15 May 2018

I suggest that if you haven't done so already, you take a look at this.

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