Windows update cleanup reports over 10GBs!

  andrew6451 13:43 24 Jul 2016

As my hard disk has been dropping for no apparent reason I tried Disk cleanup which reported I could remove 10.4Gb(!) of Windows update files. I am delighted to reclaim the space but can't believe the amount of files. Curious if anyone has any views on how I could accumulate so much. I use Windows 7 and, to the best of my knowledge have avoided downloading Windows 10. Updates are set to let me choose whether to download and install. I also check what any updates other than security are for, and if any Windows 10 element involved, refuse and hide them.

  robin_x 22:31 24 Jul 2016

No-one really knows what the shape-shifting MS creature is doing to our machines :-)

  BRYNIT 07:58 25 Jul 2016

Just a thought, were these all update filers or was one a Windows.old file. If at sometime due to a problem you had to reinstall Windows 7 it would have put a lot of files into a folder called Windows.old

  Secret-Squirrel 08:34 25 Jul 2016

..............and, to the best of my knowledge have avoided downloading Windows 10.

The Windows 10 files can still sneak in even if you've indicated you're not interested in the upgrade. I saw one computer recently that had 6GB of upgrade files squirrelled away. The owner was furious. Never10 is an excellent tool to prevent Windows 10 if you don't want it.

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