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Windows spends hours "Checking for updates"

  KeithMH 17:39 29 Apr 2016

Windows spends hours "Checking for updates", but never finds any.

I noticed a few days ago that I couldn't download/install any Windows updates. I spent a lot of time trying various remedies until, at last, I decided to reinstall Windows from scratch. Unfortunately, this still hasn't solved the problem! I'm at a loss as to what to do next.

Can anyone help? I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium on a Dell Latitude D630.

  bumpkin 22:52 29 Apr 2016

Windows spends hours "Checking for updates"

It seems to for many others also including myself. Just leave it long enough and it appears to work. Overnight for example.

  KeithMH 06:05 30 Apr 2016

Thanks for your reply. I've left it for a long time, but never overnight. I'll give it a go, if I haven't sorted it by tonight.

  BRYNIT 07:41 30 Apr 2016

As you have done a clean install did it include service pack 1 if not CLICK HERE to down load it.

Found a MS web page System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 7 (KB947821) October 2014] [CLICK HERE This tool is being offered because an inconsistency was found in the Windows servicing store which may prevent the successful installation of future updates, service packs, and software. Note: does require service pack one installed.

  KeithMH 14:07 30 Apr 2016

SP1 is present. I tried to install KB947821 and it looked promising until "Searching for updates on this computer" appeared and was still searching, more than two hours later!

I'm stumped.

  BRYNIT 18:23 30 Apr 2016

Have you got windows to download updates automatically if so some may have been downloaded even though it says it is still searching, try rebooting. After reboot try installing updates manually.

Have you tried win7 update trouble shooter CLICK HERE

Have a look at this YouTube video CLICK HERE

Have a read of CLICK HERE

  JYPX 18:34 30 Apr 2016

My understanding is that the problem with a fresh install of Windows 7 can be fixed by finding and downloading just 2 of the "missing" updates. The 2 key items are KB3102810 and KB3135445 and should be installed in that sequence. You can find them here KB3102810 and here KB3135445 . I spotted this on another forum. After installing these 2 items you will (hopefully) discover that within a few minutes, Windows update will then offer you the remaining 200+ items for download.

I think this is worth a try. I should not really be mentioning other forums out of respect to PC ADVISOR (and therefore won't) but the solution "worked" for many people who think that the solution should be a "sticky"

I hope this works for you. If it may then find that the ongoing/regular updates are a bit slow or worse. If so please see the other 2 threads about that very different problem and possible solutions.

  KeithMH 11:06 05 May 2016

Unfortunately, none of these things works: trying to install single updates just results in the Windows Update Standalone Installer "Searching for updates on this computer..." for hours, so I can't even try the System Update Readiness Tool.

  Govan1x 11:53 05 May 2016

Have you got Sp1 installed. if not search for it and install it then the rest of the updates should follow.

  KeithMH 12:37 05 May 2016

Thanks for your reply, but SP1 appears to be present.

  KeithMH 10:29 08 May 2016

The suppliers of the computer sent me a USB stick to completely reset the machine to its factory settings. It all looked fine but, incredibly, the Windows Update problem still persists.

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