Windows selected without clicking in Windows 7

  DerekL 00:26 27 Sep 2010

I am using Windows 7 and recently everytime I hover over a Window without clicking it is selected but does not come to the front, which I don't mind so much except when I click on the hidden icons in the taskbar and I move the cursor up to select an icon, the hidden icons window keeps disappearing and I cannot select an icon.
Has anybody got any ideas please

  a member 11:24 27 Sep 2010

answer ,dont hide the icons in the taskbar , right click the taskbar and choose properties,you will see the hide ()unhide ) taskbar box there , also you can customize windows taskbar icons to appear or not appear in a permanant or semi permanent way . simply right click where the icons are and select customize .
finally right click the taskbar ,(open space) not on an icon .and select properties .choose start menu and customize. there is an option to open submenus when paused on with the mouse pointer ,turn this off .(untick) and apply .

  DerekL 12:02 27 Sep 2010

Thanks merlinx but the main problem is when I hover the mouse over a window without clicking the window it is selected, and when I move the mouse off of the window that window is still selected.
I am always trying out new programs and uninstalling them if I don't like them and I wonder if one of those programs has altered something on my computer.
Thanks anyway

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