Windows security - request for password

  palinka 15:05 03 Mar 2008

Every so often (once in 2 weeks, perhaps)I try to send an email using windows mail and a box appears headed "Windows Security" that requires me to "verify that the user name and password are correct".
As I am the only user of this pc and I have not changed anything and as "rememebr my credentials" is ticked, I find this very irritating.
It never happened in XP, so I assume it's a Vista thing.
Is there a way round it?

  mazuk 16:39 03 Mar 2008

You might be able to turn user account control off or something of a similiar nature to turn these prompts off...other then that im not to sure

  crosstrainer 16:48 03 Mar 2008

This can occur if you run the like of Ccleaner or another registry cleaning application. It does on mine, but only get the prompt once after the cleaning process, and after one input all is again well. I have not yet tracked down which registry key is the culprit but am working my way threw them one at a time.

  crosstrainer 16:49 03 Mar 2008

Threw=through :)

  palinka 17:41 03 Mar 2008

thanks mazuk; I'll take a look.
crosstrainer, I haven't used any programs like that and it doesn't seem to be associated with anything in particular as far as i can work out. But I'll keep an eye open for possiuble reasons.

  Ashrich 23:31 03 Mar 2008

I don't think that this is a UAC problem , I don't suppose you can post a screenshot of this pop up box can you ? When it asks you to " verify " is it asking for the user name and password to be entered again , and is there any internet action ( router or icon lights flashing ) after entering the details and clicking Ok ? The most Windows usually would ask for , at least when sending emails , is the password to your account . I don't use Windows Mail so I may be wrong , but I don't like the sound of this ....


  ventanas 09:08 04 Mar 2008

It doesn't seem like UAC to me either. I've never seen a prompt of this type.
The prompts are usually of a yellow or blue colour, the first asking to to Allow or not, and the second to Continue.
I still use WM on one of my laptops and have never seen this.
A screenshot would help.

  palinka 09:25 04 Mar 2008

thanks, folks. I'll take & send screenshot next time it happens.

  palinka 10:47 04 Mar 2008

I've got a screen shot ready; how do I "send" it to this forum?

  ventanas 11:34 04 Mar 2008

Just put it on Photobucket or similar and post the link

click here

  Ashrich 11:37 04 Mar 2008

If you host it on a free picture hosting site , then post the link here , one of us can look at it .


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