windows security

  conrail 19:39 02 Sep 2009

using vista home premium 64 bit, 4 Gb RAM 500Gb HD. been using program for about 8 months, today when trying to check my email I get a small window that says Windows Security, login to email user name>, Please verify that both the user name and password are correct for your mail server, I have 4 email address, family, friends, work and online purchases/sales, as I have never had this before can anyone explain what has happened, also had to enter login details for this site, normally just clicking on login options brings details up, all help gratefully accepted,

  Pineman100 18:55 03 Sep 2009

Have you been cleaning out your cookies? That could explain why you're not being recognised by various websites.

Make sure that your settings allow cookies, and then the next time you login to any of your regular sites, make sure that you click yes to allow the site to remember you.

  conrail 09:24 04 Sep 2009

thanks Pineman100, haven't made any chanes at all, even if I had that would not account for having to reenter my email details, I appreciate your help, thanks

  Pineman100 18:22 04 Sep 2009

Sorry, I didn't read that bit properly! I agree with you.

If the problem was just your email login, I would suspect a corrupted email account. Missing cookies (which is probably why you had to log in to this site) is a mystery, if you haven't made any changes at all.

I can only tell you what I would do.

I would run a full antivirus scan and antispyware scan.

I would check that Internet Explorer's tools>internet options>privacy slider is set to medium.

I would delete the dodgy email account and re-create it (make sure you note your username, password, pop3 and smtp server names before you delete the old one).

  conrail 20:45 11 Oct 2009

used restore point now everything is fine, styill no idea on what happened

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