windows secrets/Win7

  Muergo 12:24 12 Feb 2009

Todays " Windows secrets" bulletin says if you have XP then don't touch Windows seven unless you have a spare PC that you don't rely on.
Also those with Vista may find other problems.

Two columnists recommend if you have XP don't change to Vista or7, wait to buy a new PC when W7 is properly launched.
Retailers won't like this as will slow sales of new PCs' for a year.

They also point out that a lot of software and hardware,printers etc will have to be replaced as many existing machines won't work with Vista let alone W7.

Read it for yourself on their site.

  anskyber 16:24 12 Feb 2009

Sounds like old hat info to me and close to nonsense.

  Chegs ®™ 07:14 14 Feb 2009

No need for a 2nd PC,download & install MS Virtual PC and load Windows(any flavour) into it.Its so easy to install & configure Virtual PC that I now wish I knew about Virtual PC sooner as then I wouldnt have created a partition on my laptop to beta test Windows 7 on. click here
Virtual PC download

  Rob_08 02:45 15 Feb 2009

I tend to agree, having tried both there really is no point in upgrading , everything in Vista and 7 i can do in XP , its just fine.Photo editing, accounts, music recording and video editing. Some might upgrade if things dont work well in XP, but for me... i havent had any problems with XP in 8 years.
The looks of Vista and 7 is a definite turn off for me also. If i wanted the fuzzy see through effects i'd hang net curtains over my TFT lol.

  scasn4 11:31 17 Feb 2009

i have windows xp and i did download windows 7 on mine i had no problems but i told microsoft to shove it as its just another conn.
what i mean by conn is its the same as vista pretty much ie crap lol
they just want you to buy a new computer or buy windows 7 wich knowing microsoft will be close to £350-£400 just for win7 software OUCH i hated xp at 1st because i loved 98 (i have the old win 98 theme on my xp :P) but since vista and 7 im becomming to be a fan of xp mind its taken 7 or 8 years lol

  Demora 18:01 24 Feb 2009

I have win XP pro and win 98 on one pc and win 7 on an old testing machine AMD Athlon 64 3400. Oh and win 95 on an IBM Laptop.

Out of all the Operating systems I play around with I have come to the conclusion that XP has had far more work done and is much better all round.

I did like Vista at first until I was stuck with old printer and scanner problems, Mainly drivers and the compatability mode was a no go for some of the graphics packages which are far too expensive for me to upgrade.

Windows 7 is proving to be a pain too.

I'm also learning to use Ubuntu 8.3 and although its very good I find having to type instructions into a kind of prompt is a few paces backwards. ie to get flash player to work with firefox.

Having said all that I can apprieciate that win 7 is only a Beta at present. But I don't think I'll be upgrading when it is released. XP has still got masses of scope.


  Coltch 15:16 25 Feb 2009

I tend to agree with anskyber it's mostly nonsense.

The only problem I've had with Windows 7 is down to Creative and the normal lack of functioning drivers for the X-Fi. (sorted now with non offical drivers and exactly the same problem that existed with Vista when that came out).

Only have Windows 7 and openSolaris on my machine at the moment, will put Vista back on when the beta runs out - I'll also probably purchase Win7 when released, depends how much MS is going to charge for it.

  Tech Guy 12:05 27 Feb 2009

I agree with anskyber it's mostly nonsense.

I use XP pro on my laptop and have to say although I won't upgrade the laptop I have moved to Win7 on the desktop and love it. Think Win7 is better than XP pro though.

Again the only probs I had was the X-Fi drivers, someone here sent me them and everything is great now.

I would buy Win 7 - it but again depends on the price.

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