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Windows is scanning wrong drive

  martd7 10:49 23 Mar 2020

When I put my USB stick into the computer's USB port (usb3+3.1),Windows starts searching the D drive,internal hard drive,after the search is complete the Usb contents appear?

Usb drive is a SanDisk 64 Ultra,usb 3.1 compatible

Any help appreciated,my other 2 USB memory sticks don't behave like this

  x13 18:46 23 Mar 2020

Check autoplay settings. I have it disabled for security reasons and open/scan USB drives via File Explorer.

  martd7 22:22 23 Mar 2020

Hi maybe i did not explain correctly

Mine also is set to disabled auto play

I open file explorer and click on drive G the USB stick in the menu on the left side and Windows starts searching D the hard drive not G

Any idea why this is happening?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:28 24 Mar 2020

Not sure what is causing your problem but Everything is a much better and quicker way of searching than File Explore in windows

  wee eddie 10:54 25 Mar 2020

How certain are you that your Internal hard Drive is set as "D"?

Normally it is the "C" Drive unless you have given it 3, or more, Partitions

  martd7 15:16 25 Mar 2020

FB Thanks but i am holding out for a solution

Wee Eddie I have an SSD which the OS occupies "C",Data internal hard drive is "D",Dvd Drive is "E" and the external Back up drive is "F"

  x13 17:01 25 Mar 2020

Looks like a glitch in File Explorer. Try running sfc /scannow and DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth .

  martd7 09:50 26 Mar 2020


I had performed the SFC/scannow,it came up clean as has the Dism command line

It's not solved my strange problem though

I think I'll format it in case there's a problem

  BRYNIT 18:53 26 Mar 2020

I would try removing the USB drive go into disk management and change the Data internal hard drive from D to another drive letter that not being used. Reboot the computer and reconnect the USB drive and see what happens.

  martd7 09:37 27 Mar 2020

I am beginning to think the usb is at fault changing the hard drive letter hasn't solved it and neither has formatting

Seeing as the other 2 USB memory sticks work,I may as well bin this and buy another

Thanks for everyone's help

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