Windows Reinstall after upgrade

  sol_sun_ftm 13:47 06 Jan 2012

I bought an Acer Travelmate with Vista installed and received a free upgrade to Windows 7. May laptop has a problem that requires a reinstall of windows however my update disk is scratched. Can I use any windows 7 home premium disk and my key or do I need to reinstall vista and obtain a new upgrade disk. TIA

  difarn 14:14 06 Jan 2012

If you read the attached article you will see that it is possible to use your present key and another disk.

  sol_sun_ftm 18:47 10 Jan 2012

Tried it. When it came to input key it would not accept it and setup closed down

  difarn 19:14 10 Jan 2012

As it is an upgrade did you re-load vista and then upgrade again to Windows 7?

Have a look at this Windows article

  sol_sun_ftm 19:26 10 Jan 2012

No I don't have a copy of vista so used a friends copy of W7 home premium with my key.

  difarn 07:21 11 Jan 2012

You could try not choosing to activate the product - leave the box unchecked, and then activate the product on line - as per this article.

  sol_sun_ftm 07:55 26 Jan 2012

Ended up getting a copy of the upgrade from an acquaintance. Used that with my code Bit of a pain to be honest can't see why you can't just install the version of windows and use the upgrade key.

  difarn 08:17 26 Jan 2012

I think that it is more straightforward (although not easy) to do just a straightforward upgrade - it is complicated if you have to reinstall the upgrade for some reason and don't have access to the original version. I don't think Microsoft have explained things very clearly about their upgrades as lots of people are having varying degrees of difficulty.

I agree with you about the easy option would be to just have installed the new version of windows with the upgrade key - some marketing ploy perhaps because an upgrade is cheaper.

I am assuming everything is working ok now - if so could you please turn the grey tick to a green one so other readers who may be having the same problem may be able to more easily find a solution.


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