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Windows PIN setup never completes - just waits

  tallboy 17:02 16 Jan 2020

As a result of some problems in getting Settings to display, I have created a new User Profile & transferred all my user Files over to it. Initially the new account was a Local Account (since I am also the user of the other defective online account), but once I had completed setting it up (and checked it was working!) I deleted the defective profile.

Initially I had no problem logging into it, but now Microsoft 'intervenes' (it has become the sole online account) and insists that I set up an 'Hello' PIN. I do this (and confirm the PIN in the second box) but the get a blue 'Wait' screen that never gets anywhere - no matter how long you wait! In fact, since you can't access Windows at all, the only thing you can do is press Control - Alt - Delete to bring up the Power button to shut the PC down.

Before I throw BRICK at it (and Microsoft an 'invest' in an Apple PC) has anyone got suggestions as to how I can fix this really annoying problem? Thanks.

  Govan1x 21:39 16 Jan 2020

New Windows updates available. it might help if you download them but on the other hand it may make it worse.

  chub_tor 18:24 17 Jan 2020

You might want to take a look at this link Click here it covers several Microsoft resolutions to your problem

  tallboy 09:13 18 Jan 2020

Thanks for the posts Govan1x & chub_tor. I have now solved the PIN problem - but not by taking what could have been a 'torcherous' route. Since the original problem re-appeared (Settings not displaying pages - which is why I created a new User Profile to swap to) & the machine is 2+ years old, I decided to wipe the 'C:' drive clean & re-install version 1909 of Windows 10. This went without a hitch and this time, so did setting up the 'Hello' PIN! I already have the primary applications (Kaspersky Total Security, Malwarebyes. eM Client & MS Office) back & working. The others can follow as time permits.

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll be sure to keep the link to solving the 'Hello' errors in case it happens again. Looking through the lengthy list of errors, one gets the feeling that whoever wrote the coding for 'Hello' did a lousy job of it!

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