Windows phone & PC conection

  Discipulus 18:01 03 Sep 2014

I have tried O2 gurus, Microsoft - all to no avail. My Nokia Lumia 620 phone is not recognised by my PC. I have turned off/on with connection and without - too many times to remember. I have tried restarting after removing the battery and today, I have done a complete re-set. The USB connection is OK (the battery is charging) - all worked (most of the time) prior to the latest up-date. Desktop is windows 7. Windows phone app is downloaded and I have just gone through the windows troubleshoot menu - again. Drivers have been checked prior to last update - presume any problems there would have been picked up on last windows troubleshoot.

Use this phone for work and need a USB (for preference)connection. If there is anyone on this forum who can suggest something else to try it would be very much appreciated.

  Woolwell 12:25 04 Sep 2014

I sympathise as I had a similar problem with a Samsung which would not connect to by desktop but would connect to my laptop. Eventually it seemed to sort itself!

However that doesn't help now. Does the phone show up in device manager or under Computer as a device?

  tonyq 12:33 06 Sep 2014

Discipulus, have you tried making sure you have logged in to the phone? Clutching at straws comes to mind!

  Discipulus 21:41 15 Sep 2014

First point you make about phone showing in device manager - no, unfortunately it does not. Not sure what you mean about 'logged in the phone'? All I can say is that it did work prior to update and I have done nothing different.

I have not had chance to get back to this since my original post: dare I hope that it might have sorted itself out! I will get back and post any up-dates but as this seems to be a very common problem, could it be pursued by PC Advisor?

Thanks you!

  Discipulus 00:19 03 Oct 2014

Still no change - phone has not sorted itself out! I find it astonishing that this seems to be a common problem yet the makers / designers cannot offer a remedy. I have tried everything suggested - though still not sure about logged into phone? As mentioned, it may be grabbing at straws but it could well be something that basic. Once again all suggestions gratefully received - except binning phone as it's unfortunately still on contract!!

  matt2000 13:12 16 Oct 2014

Unlock the phone if you have a password.

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