Is windows password safe enough?

  Nevaliden Profil 04:57 20 Nov 2016

Hi, i have Dell inspiron z15 Ultrabook and i have strong windows password, i fear a person i dont trust may have installed something to spy me, so i want to know if it is possible that he bypassed the password without leaving trace- because he never had access otherwise. A friend i talked about told me that he could if i have firewire port, but he checked and said my ultrabook have no such port. He told me also that he can access my UEFI/BIOS but it would require a lot of skills and time to pull anything off? So do you think he was able to do anything? My operation system is Windows 8.1 64bit

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:22 20 Nov 2016

Anyone can access the BIOS, change it to legacy boot, and then boot from a USB / DVD to load anything into your machine if you left it unattended. Installing a program into windows is slightly hrder without the password.

What antivirus and antimalware do you have?

If you scan scan for virus / malware / rootkits and find nothing then your probably OK.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:22 20 Nov 2016
  Nevaliden Profil 15:01 20 Nov 2016

Fruit Bat, Malwarebytes and Avast. I check regulary> I no longer live with that person so he have no access to the machine. But even if he installed something, if he cant log into my windows how could he configure it so he could spy and so on? Also, can he install something in the UEFI itself? I mean if i decide to reinstall windows, if my UEFI system was compromised what shall i do? Thanks for the responce!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:38 20 Nov 2016

He cannot have put anything into the UEFI to spy on you.

If you have found nothing with Malware bytes and Avast and have also found nothing checking for rootkits then there is nothing to worry about.

  Nevaliden Profil 16:42 20 Nov 2016

Ok thank you! just one last thing.. Is it possible if he somehow managed to access my administrator account, to have configured the antivirus and antimalware programs not to block a certain spy program? I mean i know that they are ways for example to allow some program to bypass the antivirus, or in other words- to set malwarebytes and avast not to block cetrtain program for example. If he had done that, will it still detect them during normal scan?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:47 21 Nov 2016

I doubt he could do that.

  Burn-it 00:53 22 Nov 2016

In any case you could reinstall without any changes.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:34 22 Nov 2016

.........i fear a person i dont trust may have installed something to spy me............i have strong windows password....

It would be extremely difficult for someone to to install anything without knowing the Windows password so I think you should stop worrying now.

  Nevaliden Profil 16:57 22 Nov 2016

Yes, i understand its hard and will take a lot of time, i have never left the laptop for prolonged time. But i fear those bypass cracks that allow the user to bypass the password without leaving trace, i found a lot of programs like KenBoot, Ophcrack and all kinds that freaked me out, they claim to be able to locate the password and bypass it. However many users in the comments seem to argue that they dont work, escpecially on the new and modern laptops.

  wee eddie 17:01 22 Nov 2016

Paranoia will win every time

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