Windows OS Doubt 32 biit 64 bit

  nsdsekhar 18:27 04 May 2018

My pc is dual-core 64 bit proceseer 2 Gb ram ,320 hard disk my proceseer supports 64 bit but due to low configuration 2gb ram ,I use 32 bit operating system is that ok plse suggest me which operating is best for me 32bit or 64 bit suggest me According to my pc configuration

  wiganken2 18:57 04 May 2018

The following article might help you: - click here

  Forum Editor 18:59 04 May 2018

The 64bit version of Windows 10 will run with 2GB RAM, but that's the bare minimum.

Why don't you upgrade your RAM to say, 4GB or 8GB, or even more if your motherboard supports it, and you can afford to do it?

  nsdsekhar 04:03 05 May 2018

Ram upgrade not possible ,so now tel me which is beter to my pc 32 bit or 64 bit

  Secret-Squirrel 09:09 05 May 2018

..... 2 Gb ram now tel me which is beter to my pc 32 bit or 64 bit

Computers with 2GB of RAM will run more efficiently with the 32-bit version of Windows so what you've got is "better" than 64-bit.

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