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  awest3 08:25 02 Mar 2015

A friend of mine recently bought a new laptop with windows 8.1. He also bought a copy of office 2013 home and student edition. Herein lies the problem. It appears you now have to setup an Ms account from which you download the software. He tried to do this but failed, he then forgot the password and had numerous tries to login and failed. He then made a few trips to PC world, where he had bought the PC from to ask them for help. They set up a new MS account for him. He again failed to load the software because the software was now associated with his first MS account which he could not login to! At this point I got the laptop, just before he threw it ou the window, I worked out what he original password was, he was omitting a capital letter at the start. However the account has been blocked because too many attempts have been made to login with the wrong password. The next step was to request a password reset to unlock the account. To do this you have to have lots of information DOB, names, postcode etc. so I applied to have the password reset using the supplied form only to be told I had not supplied enough information, they also ask for email addresses to which you have sent emails recently amongst other things (you don't have to fill in all the requests for information, one of them requests Xbox info and if you don't have one then you can't supply it,) I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to try next.. Any pointers gratefully received. Thanks Al

  wee eddie 10:42 02 Mar 2015

Speak to them, on the phone, with the original Owner in the room

  awest3 15:25 02 Mar 2015

I replied to this some time ago...not sure what happened to it. I tried to phone MS...6 times it would not recognise the number they had given me for quote 'security reasons', I was apparently not verified..on the next attempt on a mobile I got through only to be cut off when they tried to pass me through to technical support...!!

I need another way to do this if anyone has any ideas..

Thanks Al

  northumbria61 15:32 02 Mar 2015

Did you try the Microsoft Help Number UK? 0344 800 2400

  awest3 16:34 02 Mar 2015

yes that was the number I used....not a lot of good I'm afraid but I may have to go back to it if all else fails. Thanks Al

  awest3 18:16 03 Mar 2015

My tales of woe continue... I've set up a new MS account along with a new email account. Microsoft replied to a form I filled in giving every bit of information they requested, it was still not enough for them and I got an automated reply stating that that was the final attempt no more attempts would be considered. So where I am is... I have a fully retail paid for office which I cant use. The software is associated with the original email and MS account neither of which can be used. They seem to have a link from the MS account to the email account which although it can send emails it can't receive them. Without being able to get onto the MS account I can't change the settings... I emailed MS customer services outlining the issue and got back an automated email which told me to email a different set of people (what's the point in inputting all that data if they are just going to say go somewhere else?) Right whinge over! I need to find out if you can un-associate an account and its software so that I can then associate it with the new MS account... any ideas? I tried calling them on their support number again today 5 failed attempts to get through...

  awest3 16:59 06 Mar 2015

So I gave up trying to talk to MS for the time being. I installed openoffice so the owner could get to his documents and created a new MS account and new email account. At least he is able to use his laptop now.

The owner is going to talk to his email supplier o try to get his emails downloaded to his new account or get his email account unlocked.

He will also talk to the supplier of the MS office software to see if he can get a replacement copy.

I'll let you know how he gets on.

Thanks Al

  wee eddie 21:26 06 Mar 2015

The telephone is your only chance. However, persuading the Owner to remember that password would be an act of brilliance.

I am in the camp that does not blame Microsoft, as there may be many spinning similar tales to get a free copy

  awest3 15:03 24 Mar 2015

By way of an update and an end of this issue. The owner went back to the supplier of the software (office home and student version) and got a replacement card. I was able to associate this to his new MS account name and so all is well. I never did get through to MS. His email is also now working ok. So other than having to remember a different MS account all is ok.

Thanks for the replies Al

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