Windows Media Player sync problem

  PaulGEvans 06:32 13 Nov 2015

I have a Samsung Note 4 and a huge collection of WMA and MP3 music files on my laptop. Since Deccember last year, I have been using Windows Media Player to sync all of my laptop music to my phone in the order of the various playlists I have created on my computer. This has been working wonderfully and very reliably until a couple of weeks ago. I have noticed that every new music file I have added since then has syncs across the first time I sync it, and then the next time I add the next few MP3 files, the ones I had just added previously are then removed from the playlists on the phone (and come up with an error message on the left hand side of the syncing list of Windows Media Player as they attempt to sync). I have tried every possible combination of fixes: reloading the files, deleting the folders and syncing again, deleting the playlist files from the computer, turning the phone off and then syncing again, etc, etc. I fear that the number of times I have replugged my phone into the computer every time there is an error message is going to start damaging the lifespan of my battery. It is incredibly frustrating because it has been working so well up until a few weeks ago. Is there a problem with the latest incarnation of WMP 12, is there an incompatibility with the latest Android software update, is there something you can do to fix this for me. I would like to keep using Windows Media Player because it has served me well for the last 12 years, and because I have built very large and well-organised playlists over this time that I do not want to lose. Please help! Kind regards, Paul

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