Windows Media Player Multiple Windows

  jimforrest 16:02 19 Dec 2014

As part of my work I get video files sent to me showing machinery in operation. These vids open automatically in Win Media Player. I have recently received two vids of the same machine showing a failure occurring (in the machine), and I want to run both vids side by side so I can see the differences, but Media Player only opens in a single window.

Is it possible to open two Media Player screens, or is there an alternative player that will allow me to?

  RayKelly 18:00 19 Dec 2014

I do similar and the only solution Ive found so far is to have one video running on Media Player and the other on my mobile phone held up to my screen. There is a program called VLC which apparently allows you to do this, but I'm a technophobe and daren't try it! Sorry if it's not much help.

  wee eddie 18:01 19 Dec 2014

VLC is free

  jimforrest 18:59 19 Dec 2014

Thanks guys - ran VLC and it works fine, but it also only allows one window. However, I can run one in Media Player and the other in VLC and see the differences.

  Batch 16:50 20 Dec 2014

Media Player Classic Home Cinema click here will allow you to have two (or more) windows running videos simultaneously.

Once installed, you can change the settings in View, Options, Player to either always use the same window or open a new windows for each media file.

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