Windows Media Player - mp3 files not stopping

  frappy 19:42 16 Dec 2013

I have many mp3 files from my ripped CDs and on using Windows Media Player for playback purposes I find when a track finishes there is a few seconds gap before the next track starts. I want the played track to stop. Can anybody advise please. I'm on Windows 8.1 and the WMP is version 12 I believe.

  theDarkness 18:15 21 Dec 2013

As long as there are other tracks showing in that same list, there is no 'stop after current track' option in wmp, unless you use a plugin such as this-also">">this-also available through cnet. I have not tested it, so use at your own risk (possible adware). I can verify that there is definitely a working 'stop after current track' option in foobar2000 by default though - I use it with this 'darkone' skin, but if you want to stick to wmp, you could try the above.

  theDarkness 18:18 21 Dec 2013

oops that first link didnt work,try here

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