Windows mail keeps asking for username and passwor

  Daisy22 19:11 27 Feb 2010

This has recently started to happen, I can't understand why as I've made no changes to my system.

However, when I put the username and password in, it doesn't seem to register and just keeps popping back up.

It is really annoying, any ideas how I sort this out please?

  tullie 20:13 28 Feb 2010

Have you ticked the little box?

  Daisy22 20:36 28 Feb 2010

Yes have done that, several times

  ventanas 22:06 28 Feb 2010
  Woolwell 14:38 04 Mar 2010

Has this been sorted?
This sort of problem is in my experience caused not by you or any of your system settings but a problem with the server that provides your e-mail. It may be that the server is down temporarily. When I get this I first check if the webmail of the account is working. If not I am then sure it is at their end.
It can be very frustrating.

  conrail 12:11 16 Mar 2010

Hi Daisy22, I have had this problem occur a couple of times, I delete the email address in question, restart and enter it again and the problem seems to clear, hope that helps

  kristain 08:03 24 Mar 2010

I am also having the same problem. I keep getting this message: “Logon to, Please verifies that both the username and password are correct for your mail server”. I have entered my username and password, but it is not letting me access my account.

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