"Windows mail can compact your message store"

  Glen 10:26 29 Jun 2017

Should I allow Windows mail to compact my messages? Will it cause the loss of older messages? Glen

  chub_tor 11:04 29 Jun 2017

Each time you delete a message in Windows Mail it leaves an empty spot in the database (index). Compaction removes the empty spaces, thereby speeding up database access.

Windows Mail is offering to compact the index file for email messages, to remove the references to deleted messages, and will keep doing so until you let it do this.

The actual messages are stored in separate files and are not affected by compaction.

If you say yes to the message the compaction message will disappear until you close Windows Mail a certain number of times - usually 100 times.

You should let Windows Mail do the compaction, you will not lose any of your messages.

If you do not want compaction to occur you can turn it off

Open Windows Mail > Tools > Options > Advanced > Maintenance. UN-check the compact option > OK

  beeuuem~2 01:32 30 Jun 2017

I would be wary about compacting - the last twice it ran on my installation it created new empty mail folders - on opening Live Mail 2012 it said there was no mail. The original folders were still in the Storage folder so it was matter of deleting all the new ones, a great deal of bother.

Ideally I would have re-installed Live Mail - but it is no longer available !!

  BT 08:34 30 Jun 2017

Seems to do it automatically on my Win10 Laptop (upgraded from Win7).

Also on my old XP desktop Outlook Express wants to do it every time I close the program. The last time I did it it deleted all my storage folders which was very annoying so I refuse to do it now. I do make a manual Email backup occasionally.

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