Windows Mail

  Chanman 21:07 08 Oct 2007

How can i remove windows mail

  LinH 22:22 08 Oct 2007

Why do you want to remove it?


  Chanman 22:30 08 Oct 2007

I have one message stuck in my outbox and i cant get rid of it

  LinH 22:47 08 Oct 2007

So ignore it, it may magically cure itself and go away, or more to the point, as it is in your outbox it may eventually go to the intended recipient.

I'm not on my Vista desktop machine but note that on my XP laptop, Outlook Express (Windows Mail?) can be disabled via Control Panel > Add or Remove programs > Add or Remove Windows Components, and then deselect the Outlook Express option. It may be the same for Vista and Windows Mail so try it and see.


  skidzy 22:53 08 Oct 2007

Try logging into your email account from your isp homepage and remove the email if its there.

As some of us has experienced a few issues with Windows Mail,maybe consider changing the client to Incredimail.
This has worked for several of us as a temporary measure until the bugs are ironed out.
Incredimail click here

  jz 19:24 09 Oct 2007

I had this problem and used this free programme which fixed it: click here

To help to stop these sorts of problems from happening again, turn off email scanning in your antivirus software. Leave the rest of your anti-virus features running of course (ie real-time protection). Anti-virus email scanning is just an additional layer of protection that doesn't actually give you any additional protection.

  skidzy 19:33 09 Oct 2007

" Anti-virus email scanning is just an additional layer of protection that doesn't actually give you any additional protection ".

So you are saying the email scanner does not scan incoming mail ?
Well all my systems are set to scan incoming mail.It would be very silly to disable email scanning.

  jz 20:03 09 Oct 2007

skidzy: yes it does scan incoming mail, but it can also interfere with email programmes and cause corruption. The other layers of your anti-virus will catch a virus if you turn email scanning off.

  jz 20:08 09 Oct 2007

Following up on the "turning off email scanning", have a look at this link on the same website that I mentioned previously: click here

Tip 3. Turn off email scanning in your antivirus software.

Antivirus software invades the Outlook Express program to try and intercept (incoming and, in some cases, outgoing) messages that might contain virus. The problem with this approach is that the antivirus software can trigger the destruction of an entire message folder or the entire message store, when it attempts to remove a message containing a potential virus.

Because of the fragility of the OE message store structure and its propensity for destruction, this applies to just about any antivirus program that touches the OE message store. So its best to follow these instructions regardless of what antivirus program you use. This suggestion also extends to anti-spamware programs that interfere with the operations of OE. Such software should be disabled with respect to OE mail, or uninstalled.

To prevent the possibility of such destruction occuring, turn off email scanning in your antivirus software. You will still be protected against infection. If you attempt to open a message attachment containing a potential virus, then your antivirus software will recognize that your are attempting to infect your system, and will block you from doing so.

  jtt 12:34 11 Oct 2007

If there's an email stuck in the outbox, it won't have even gone to the ISP email account.

  PhilPC 00:00 14 Oct 2007

I've had this problem when moving messages from the inbox to sub folders for archiving. It appears to move the message but leaves the header behind in the inbox with no details and they seem impossible to remove.

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