Windows logo with spinning dots problem

  Arsene Alexandru 13:45 12 Apr 2018

Recently I started encountered a problem. To be more exactly, everytime when I restart or turn on my computer, the windows 10 logo and some spinning dots appear. It stays like this for like one and a half minutes (the keyboard and mouse lights are off while this is happening) then the desktop screen appears, like it would normally do. I tried to search for a fix on the internet, but every post i encounter is for when the windows logo do not disappear.

  wee eddie 14:18 12 Apr 2018

The rotating dots are telling you that Windows is loading.

Why it is taking longer than usual is unknowable with the information you have given us

  Salamander7 21:04 12 Apr 2018

I suspect it is caused by one of those never ending pesky Windows Updates that seem to cause more problems than they ever solve. When your machine boots up go to "settings" and then when in settings click on Windows Update. It should tell you if you have updates pending and if you click on "view Installed Update History" it will list every update. Check to see if any recent ones have failed or are awaiting a restart.

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