Windows Live Mail won't start - Error 0x80041161

  tallboy 18:11 26 Nov 2013

After 6+ frustrating months of trying to load SP1 on my wife's 64-bit Window 7 Dell Studio laptop, I gave up and had our local professional laptop chap do a repair install on it. SP1 is now resident and it downloads Windows Updates OK - which it didn't when I gave it to him.

However, when I came to start up her Windows Live Mail I got the error message: 'Windows Live Mail couldn't be started. The application was unable to initialize the Windows Live Contacts. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk full'. (0x80041161.1814)

Knowing that there was plenty of disk space and (I think) enough memory, I tried to start WLM from the SysAdmin user profile - since that doesn't have any stored messages / communications setups. I got the same error message, so it's not specific to her user profile.

Anyone have any ideas what's causing it after a (supposedly) 'clean' repair install?

  tallboy 10:03 27 Nov 2013

Thanks for the reply Jock1e. I have tried the repair function in the Control Panel and fortunately, it has worked - although none of the saved messages are there. (Whether the Windows 7 repair install or this repair 'knocked them out' I shall never know.)

Fortunately I have recently backed them up, so I should be able to get them back from the external back-up disk.

Incidentally, since this is a portable PC and everything is on the C: drive, can I create a second partition (there's lots of space) on it without 'disturbing' the Windows 7 & applications installation? (If so what's the best way?) If I can, I can then re-direct WLM folders to the new partition and store them there.

  tallboy 11:57 28 Nov 2013

Thanks for the link Jock1e. Although I have Partition Manger, it is about 4 years (or more) old, so I'll probably better off using the free one. I'll post a separate message on this forum to see if anybody else has done it successfully on an established drive.

I'm just adding WLM stuff back on my PC; done all the messages and now onto contacts. Where are contacts normally stored in Win 7? I thought they would be in C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\Contacts but when I checked there, all I got was a Default folder and three other empty folders (15.4; 15.5 & W4CR1) even though I have imported some of my old contacts which do show up as expected.

Although I have re-directed my message folder to another partition (and would like to do so with the contacts), Windows hasn't set up a WLM Contacts folder on the new partition, as far as I can see. If you know where they might be stored, please let me know - thanks.

  rdave13 22:02 28 Nov 2013

tallboy, in my experience, ANY Windows software should be in the C:\ drive, or where the OS is installed. Transferring folders to another drive will ultimately create problems.

Windows Live Mail lets you backup everything on your PC as well as having them in the 'Cloud' via, as MSN is now called.

Just my humble opinion.

  tallboy 17:28 30 Nov 2013

Well, I am making progress. I have successfully partitioned my C: drive without loosing anything, after first backing up my data files just in case something did happen. I have also set up Windows Live Mail to store my emails on the new partition - which it is doing successfully.

However, I still have one problem: I have a lot of older storage files containing messages that I wish to keep. If I manually transfer these to the new 'Storage' folder, they don't show up when I open WLM - even though when I add a new sub folder under 'Storage' in WLM that shows up in Storage folder (where all the folders I wish to 'see' are) when I look on the new drive directly.

What do I have to change to make the old storage folders listable in WLM?

  tallboy 17:32 30 Nov 2013

BTW rdave13, one reason I want to have all my data on a separate partition is to run the risk of not being able to access it if my PC crashes. (As my other PC did with a 'locked up' pointer recently - resulting in a clean re-install.)

OK I do back up my data - but not necessarily every day!

  rdave13 17:55 30 Nov 2013

All my mail folders, be it Hotmail, Aol or Gmail (and a few others!) are stored in the cloud and my important one's are on the PC and CD disc. I don't use specific ISP mail. So my AOL is tied to Gmail and Gmail is tied to Windows Live Mail client I have on my PC. Windows Live Mail I use to save mail to the desktop and burn to CD if needed. If my PC goes belly up I can access all my email folders via another PC or on physical storage.

  rdave13 18:05 30 Nov 2013

On another thread uninstalling Windows Live Mail, then running Ccleaner's registry cleaner, rebooting and reinstalling Windows Live Mail seemed to cure a similar problem.

  tallboy 16:07 01 Dec 2013

Thanks for the WLM suggestion rdave13. I'll try that.

I had no problem moving & 'seeing' the folders on the version of WLM on my PC recently. (Same version of Windows 7.) Could it be one of the folder properties needs changing?

The fact that you see the folders in Windows Explorer means that they are not 'hidden' files..I'm not sure if any other property settings will affect it. Any ideas on the properties front before I un-install / re-install WLM?

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