Windows Live Mail faulty update KB3093594

  VCR97 18:32 10 Jan 2016

Does anyone know if this update has been corrected and reissued?

  RV510 19:01 10 Jan 2016

As I understand it Windows Live Mail 2012 is being changed and updated 'within the next few weeks' so the update, although showing as available will not be installed on your PC until Windows are ready, that's probably why, if you've tried to install the update, it failed.

  VCR97 18:59 11 Jan 2016


Thanks. I haven't tried to install the update as I don't want the troubles which so many people have suffered. It's rather surprising that this update is still available for download. I'll continue to access Hotmail directly.

  RV510 20:40 11 Jan 2016

Is Hotmail still going?, I thought that it had been replaced with Live Mail in 2011. Another Windows element that they intend to cock-up, why they can't leave things alone I'll never know!

  RV510 21:24 11 Jan 2016

An update on this update, I've had a look around and it seems that this update applies to Windows 10 and not 7 or 8, it says in the 'error' message when you try to download and install it that 'your system or it's programmes do not support this application' so by tis I'm assuming it's one of those confusing W10 things. I'm not that bothered if Windows based mail works or no, there's plenty more servers out there!

  VCR97 19:07 12 Jan 2016

Well, I type in and and it works. I think that I have seen Live Mail somewhere on the screen. I agree that it's annoying when MS keeps changing things which are working perfectly well. I'll just wait and see what, if anything, happens.

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