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  Ankermi31 13:01 30 Dec 2012

Have done an upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. Everything working fine other than....

When I boot up I get a dialogue box telling me that I have no associated mail programme installed but if I have to use the Default Programme to set it.

I have done this but to no avail the dialogue box still pops up very annoying.

Windows Live Mail is installed and is working correctly to receive both in and out emails.

When I got into Windows Live Mail Tools>options etc it also shows that Life Mail IS set as the default programme.

How can I get rid of this annoying and intrusive box when I first log in?

  difarn 13:51 30 Dec 2012

Did you follow all of these steps when setting your default programme


    Click "Start," then type "Default Programs."

    Click the blue "Set your default programs" link in the center of the window.

    Click your desired email program in the left column under "Programs."   

    Click "Set this program as default," then click "OK." This will return you to the 
      "Default Programs" window.

    Click "Associate a file type or protocol with a program."

    Scroll to an email file extension, such as .eml or .pst, for which you want to 
       establish an association and click the file extension to highlight it in blue 
       -in this case .eml

    Click "Change program," the select your email program and click "OK."
  Ankermi31 14:55 30 Dec 2012

Thanks for the replies. Can confirm all your instructions had already beenj carried out but just to make sure I have re-done them to no avail.

Actual wording in the box says

There is no email associated to carry out the requested action. Please install an email programme or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programmes control panel.

As I said in my original posting WINDOWS LIVE MAIL is installed and set as the default provider and all suggestions you have kindly made have been carried out. Just booted again and the pest is still there.

Am operating IE9 if that helps anything.

  difarn 15:32 30 Dec 2012

Although you are not having a problem opening links with IE9 I wonder if the instructions in this article about re-setting default programs will help.

You could roll back to IE8 to see if the problem continues - if you uninstall from programs and features it should automatically roll back.

Have you tried another browser?

  Ankermi31 09:11 31 Dec 2012

Thanks difarn IE 9 has worked fine with Vista. No problems its the upgrade to W.7 that has flipped this box to appear.

I have not tried another browser I only have IE9 on the laptop as it is kept for a specific purpose - is not used for anything other than that purpose so do not really want to download another browser.

Am loath to roll back as it could cause me other problems.

Will have a go with your "link" and see what happens but not hopeful.

  Ankermi31 14:51 31 Dec 2012

Hi Jockie

Double checked and yes its greyed out and shown as default

Now this might be a daft idea but what would happen if I tried to download windows live mail a second time? Would it cause problems

As I have said previously WLM is working correctly its just this error box comes up every time one boots up the laptop. Maybe I will just have to put up with it.

  Ankermi31 16:53 02 Jan 2013

Hello Jock1e

Did the repair suggestion. Ran through ok and got up that it had repaired successfully.

Closed down and re-booted but unfortunately the dialogue box still there with the same message.

  Ankermi31 15:33 06 Jan 2013

Jock1e you have tried to be helpful and I am very very grateful for this help.

Have re-posted as you suggested in the Beginners Forum as I generally use that one anyway.

Yes I do use C.Cleaner and that does nothing either.

Many thanks again, I guess I might just have to live with the thing.

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