Windows live error message ?

  night 18:49 15 Jul 2012

I am with BT Yahoo, and have two computers one desk top and one Lap Top used in travels, when going to my emails it starts to download the emails and then stops with an error Bt Server timed out,in order ro try again I have to come out of Live Mail and back in with luck it continues to load my emails, why is this? and should one download Windows Live again or is it BT at fault ?

  difarn 22:18 15 Jul 2012

There are numerous posts about the same thing and there don't appear to be any answers other than to try another browser.

  lotvic 16:47 16 Jul 2012

Try this:

  1. Open Windows Live Mail, go to 'Tools' > 'Accounts..'

  2. Choose your email account and then click on "Properties"

  3. Click on the "Advanced" tab

  4. Under 'Server Timeouts', drag the slider to change it to a longer or maximum period of timeouts.

  night 09:04 17 Jul 2012

Many thanks lotvic, I have adjusted as you said and so far it seems to be much better, you see there is always someone out there who has answers to computer problems can't beat PC Advisor. thanks .

  lotvic 17:41 17 Jul 2012

If that made it better it seems that Bt Server is slow in responding to being asked for/sending to you emails and WLM wasn't waiting long enough between them.

  night 12:16 19 Jul 2012

I now find that if I use only Yahoo email there is no problems at all, so why is it that the Bt server comes up with an error message saying the server has timed out, but not in Yahoo emails surely there is a fault with either BT or Windows Live Email service

  lotvic 13:49 19 Jul 2012

Bt server comes up with an error message saying the server has timed out

It's a prob with Bt server, the Yahoo server must be ok. Have a read of THIS that's page 7 so it is still happening.

  night 09:27 23 Jul 2012

Hi lotvic, I have complained to Bt and at last they admit there server has been playing up, not only with me but many others and I am pleased to say the problem is solved I hope.

  lotvic 12:15 23 Jul 2012

thanks for letting us know :) it will save someone else with same problem going round in circles getting nowwhere :(

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