Windows Live Emauil and Messenger

  night 15:41 02 Nov 2012

On clicking on Windows Live email, it opens but does not accept emails, also messenger does not respond either, on trying to shut them down they wont and after a short time a message appears telling you to try again later whereupon the program closes, this also happens with messenger, why is this and why is this and how does one overcome it?

  Chronos the 2nd 16:34 02 Nov 2012

Cannot help you with your problem but go into your profile and change your user name from your email address. Never good to use your email address this way, you are just asking for spam.

  night 22:27 02 Nov 2012

Hello Chronus the 2nd, many thanks for your observation and you one hundred per cent correct my password device failed so thanks for pointing it out.

  Chronos the 2nd 00:04 03 Nov 2012

Your welcome but for one slight issue, you answered without changing your user name.??????

  night 08:22 03 Nov 2012

Hi Chronus all should be ok now, have used password device for years so have removed it and reset using another such password device.

  night 08:35 03 Nov 2012

All reset Chronus we have problems but ok now

  Chronos the 2nd 10:03 03 Nov 2012


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