Windows Live email error message

  night 15:18 22 Sep 2012

I am using Windows 7 together with Windows Live email, which has been working ok until of late.My internet provider is Yahoo and emails in there are ok, but I prefer Windows Live email however this will not work when downloading emails as an error message comes up saying the server is in error and one has to reapetedly click on receive emails until they are all downloaded,surely Windows email should work no matter who your provder is can someone enlight me as to why BT Yahoo fails with Windows live emails.

  KRONOS the First 08:40 23 Sep 2012

This any help? Yahoo.

  lotvic 12:37 24 Sep 2012

My yahoo email didn't work properly until I discovered collecting on pc won't work until you go online and into Webmail Account Options and tick for Allow POP in mail forwarding

  tony008 03:15 04 Oct 2012

It could be a firewall problem put wlm in the exceptions.

  night 11:04 04 Oct 2012

Have tried all but it seems Windows Live will NOT work correctly with BT Yahoo Mail, I have Norton and they say it is nothing to do Anti Virus, I wonder if anyone else has this annoying problem ?

  Badger Man 14:59 04 Oct 2012

I keep having the same problem (intermittently) for the past few weeks, using, and from posts on other magazine forums it seems to be affecting quite a number of users. Yesterday the error messages popped up - 0x80048820 for my Hotmail account, and 0x800CCC0D for my btinternet account, today Windows Live Mail is working normally - how long for remains to be seen!

  night 17:16 04 Oct 2012

Thanks Badger Man I ws begining to think it was just me with the problem, but how does one fix it ? I am suprised BT does not sort it, so looking for answer sill hope Bt see this then maybe we will get an anser to the problem thanks for your reply.

  Badger Man 06:36 05 Oct 2012

Microsoft released a new version 16.4.3505 of Live Mail yesterday - you can download this from - lets hope that this solves the problem! Whilst you are on the filehippo site download their Update Checker and run this regularly to see if any of your other programmes need updating.

  Badger Man 08:28 05 Oct 2012

New version did not solve the problem! When I signed on to Live Mail early this morning it was OK - all my messages downloaded in one go. Two hours later when I signed on again the first message downloaded, then the error message window appeared and I had to click on send/receive to get the second message (there were only two).When I run the BT Desktop Help programme it tells me that my BT internet email is set up OK and that any problems must be with another email programme, such as Hotmail.

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