Windows is lagging since last reinstall. HELP !

  Nedyalko Enchev 23:33 14 Nov 2016

Hello all ! I recently reinstalled windows from Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation x64 to Windows 10 pro x64 and the configuration became so slow since that. Configuration : Intel i7-6700 cpu 3.4ghz ,16 GB RAM , 2 gb Nvidia geforce gtx 960, 240 gb ssd.Whenever i run more than 2 programs it starts lagging as hell. I scanned for errors and bad sectors both C:(windows reserved) and D: drives,no errors have been found.I ran windows defender scan my whole system-no errors.Avast scan both at boot time and while im logged-no errors.Malwarebyte scan - no errors. Defragmented both drives-still no solution. My drives have a lot of free space so i think this is not and option for lag.Updated my drivers from windows update. It was all okay at the Enterprise version , but the license period has expired and since then everything is laggy. How can i fix that thing? Cheers!

  Secret-Squirrel 11:44 15 Nov 2016

There's usually no need to play guessing games with performance issues because the Windows Task Manager will probably help identify what's going wrong.

When your PC next starts "lagging" open Task Manager and click the "Performance" tab. Look at the CPU and Disk activity and let me know if you see constant activity from one or both of them. Less likely, has virtually all the memory been used up?

  Nedyalko Enchev 11:53 15 Nov 2016

No,memory hasnt been used up. I see some activity from disk 1(D:) but thats all. CPU is running normally.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:18 15 Nov 2016

OK, that's disappointing.

Please define what you mean by "lagging" and give a couple of examples.

  Nedyalko Enchev 13:20 15 Nov 2016

For example : downloading from uTorrent and playing PES - it takes about 15 minutes to load a single match and about 10 minutes to get to start it. Same is happening when im on Chrome,Firefox or whatever browsers im on. On my older windows i could load 5 games at ultra grahpics,doing a game installation and downloading over uTorrent and still playing Far Cry without lag.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:07 16 Nov 2016

If the CPU and hard drive are not over-active and you've got plenty of RAM then I don't know what's going on.

Or are you now saying that it's your Internet connection that's performing poorly?

  Nedyalko Enchev 11:17 16 Nov 2016

No,not performing poorly. Can it be from the drivers or something ?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:23 16 Nov 2016

A misaligned SSD can cause performance issues. Here's an easy way to check (courtesy of

To see if your partitions are aligned correctly, hit the Start menu and type in msinfo32. Enter Msinfo32 and go to Components > Storage > Disks. Look for your SSD on the list and find the "Partition Starting Offset" item. If this number is divisible by 4096 (that is, if dividing it by 4096 equals a whole number and not a decimal), your partition is correctly aligned.

If your SSD has a utility that you can use to check its performance then give that a go. For Samsung SSDs it's called "Samsung Magician".

  Nedyalko Enchev 14:33 16 Nov 2016

I checked the alignment it seems OK. Here are the results from Anvil SSD Benchmark i upload them as image.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:51 17 Nov 2016

Nedyalko, those SSD results look OK.

Sadly, I don't know what's going on then. You've got such a well specified computer and you say that Task Manager shows there are no performance issues so your computer should be performing really really quickly.

By the way, I doubt that Krishnarjun's tips will help. To be blunt, anyone who suggests you need to add more RAM when you've already got 16GB (and there's plenty available) doesn't know anything about computers.

  Nedyalko Enchev 08:55 17 Nov 2016

I think i found the problem,but i will post results as soon as i am 100% sure.

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