Windows installation to SSD with USB BIG PROBLEM!

  ollipeter 11:15 24 Nov 2018

Hello! My installation of Windows does not work! I have a notebook (asus f555ub) that i want to make faster and I replaced the old HDD with a new 500gb Samsung SSD. Before replacing, I created a bootable USB stick with the installation on it. It does boot, also my ssd is getting recognized in the installer AND in the bios. Afer the installer finished the copying it does the first reboot. And after that reboot it all starts from the first window (choose language) again! I tried to change the boot priority, also to unplug the usb when reboot happens. But it either starts from the beginning, or (when I unplug the USB) it says "insert boot media and press a key"

Please help! I have secure boot deactivated, what do I need to change to get the laptop to boot from the SSD??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:24 24 Nov 2018

Did you have the old HDD in place as a second drive when you installed to SSD?

  rickf 19:36 24 Nov 2018

Fruitbat, should it be or not then? I am about to change to a ssd drive so it would be helpful to know.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:33 25 Nov 2018

Prefeably theold HDD should be removed before installing a clean windows version to the SSD as windows sometimes writes the system reserve patition to the HDD and not the SSD or writes the boot location in the system rerve ratition as HDD instead of SSD hence tries to boot from HDD everytime or no boot found if you have removed the HDD after installation.

  rickf 13:34 25 Nov 2018

To avoid any of this pitfalls I am going to use Acronis True Image to clone my HDD to SSD for use as OS boot drive. My HDD disk will then be formatted and use as storage. Hope potential problems solved. Life's too short to deal with these probs.

  rickf 16:08 25 Nov 2018

Should be ok as I don't have a partition on the HDD at the mo.

  Guest 1234512760 02:05 04 Dec 2018

To remove "insert boot media and press a key" in Windows, you can also try to reset the primary partition as active.

First, insert the Windows installation media and boot your computer from that, then under System Recovery Options or Troubleshoot, click Command Prompt, finally type the following commands in sequence and hit enter after each: diskpart -> select disk 0 -> list partition 1 -> active.

Or you can try to rebuild MBR of the boot disk using a MBR repair tool in case it is the damaged MBR that causes Windows failure.

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