Windows folder will not delete

  martd7 17:20 08 Apr 2019

Thought I would download the "Free Forza Demo" from Windows 10 games, but I noticed as it downloaded it was 29gb so I stopped the download,went to delete the folder it had created and it says I require permission from the trusted installer?

I have googled this but the tutorials are all older versions of Windows 10 so some options are different, Help much appreciated

  john bunyan 18:02 08 Apr 2019

If you have restore points running, try restoring to before the download

  martd7 21:13 08 Apr 2019

Thanks jb ill try that only if i cannot find another way,i know that you can take ownership of the folder but all the instructions i have read do not seem to be accurate because all i can think is the 1809 Win 10 update has changed some ways of doing things

  wee eddie 23:04 08 Apr 2019

Have you rebooted since you downloaded it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:31 09 Apr 2019

Power - restart (not shutdown) see if it will delete after the restart if not try something like unlocker on the folder

  martd7 15:35 09 Apr 2019

Thanks FB already tried that restart still doesn't delete

Wee Eddie thanks yes PC been rebooted many times since,

I had forgotten about " unlocker " I will try that and report back

There's 0bytes in the folder when I look in properties


  mbnitmaster 15:52 09 Apr 2019

Well, you can this one. Run command prompt as administrator and delete the folder thought the command prompt with actual commands. The commands are not difficult. One command to reach the location of the folder which is cd.. as far as I remember. And then a command to delete the folder. Run the command prompt in administrator mode.

  martd7 16:49 09 Apr 2019


Thank you,Iobit Unlocker has worked it has deleted the file

Thanks for everyones help and suggestions

  wiganken2 16:49 09 Apr 2019

I know you said you knew about taking ownership but did you try doing it by using a reg file? If you download and use the reg file in the following link I'm sure it would work. It worked for me. click here

  martd7 16:51 09 Apr 2019

Note on Major Geeks it comes with the unwanted Delta toolbar,it does warn you of that,and Malwarebytes jumped in as did Unchecky when installing program

  martd7 17:44 09 Apr 2019

Thanks wigan ken

No i hadnt tried that method

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