Windows Explorer keeps refreshing automatically

  tallboy 09:50 03 Nov 2019

Sadly, I think the quality of Microsoft's pre-release checks have gone down hill as I have this problem on both of my 64-bit Windows 10 systems following recent updates. When using Windows Explorer to search for a specific file or folder in a Window, as you run down the list of files / or folders with your mouse, Windows 10 will suddenly refresh the Window (not the whole screen) and put you back at the top item on the list. If you got as far as the item you were looking for and were in the middle of changing the file name (for instance) Windows cancels your operation and reverts to the original file name. Most annoying! This might be a simple problem to fix, but it is very annoying. Suggestions as how to fix it are most welcome. Thanks.

  wee eddie 12:13 03 Nov 2019

Are you sure that your Mouse Arrow is keeping within the Window. Should it touch the edge or even leave the Box. What you have described will happen

  tallboy 22:48 03 Nov 2019

I don't think I'm guilty of a Wandering mouse pointer wee eddie! Explorer windows can (but not always) flash & refresh even if your mouse pointer is not in the window. (My downloads windows is doing it as I write this post with my mouse on a clear desktop space.)

  tallboy 23:26 03 Nov 2019

I just found this 'fix' (to what seems a very common problem) on the Microsoft Community website. The problem appears to be connected to the change in accent colour when you have a changing desktop image. The following seems to have fixed it - at least for now:

Right-click on your desktop & Select 'Personalize'

In the left-hand side of the menu that comes up, select 'Colors' Check the toggle "Automatically pick an accent colour from my background" - turn it to OFF

Pick a colour

So far, so good!

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