Windows experience index low

  dangerus1 17:23 04 Nov 2014

I had to reinstall Win 7 and all was well until I went to "System" in Control panel and saw that Windows Experience Index was 1.0 whereas it was 4.2 before the reinstall. Hope someone can help.

  dangerus1 19:05 04 Nov 2014

I have Jock1e and it is still the same. It is graphics and Windows Aero that have the low score of 1.0

  dangerus1 15:24 05 Nov 2014

Everthing seems sorted now, I downloaded and installed 3D Mark Vantage that someone suggested and ran the assesment again and my score had gone up to 4.8 from 1.0. Seems to be running OK now. Thanks for your time and interest Jock1e. Is 4.8 score good/average or poor?

  Woolwell 21:49 05 Nov 2014

4.8 is OK for most PC's. Mine jumped up to 7.6 as soon as I put in a SSD.

  Woolwell 21:49 05 Nov 2014

Don't get hung up about the score. It is just a guide as to what programs will run.

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