Windows Essentials updates not installing

  Badger Man 09:45 01 Jun 2014

I keep getting a pop up icon telling me that updates for Windows Essentials are available, but when I download these a window appears with errors 0x80070643 and 0x80040609. These seem to mean that the updates cannot be installed because Windows Firewall is turned off - I use Norton Internet Security firewall, and even if I turn this off I cannot find a way to turn on the Windows firewall, so I hope that someone has an answer to this problem. I do not want to uninstall Norton Internet Security just to enable the Windows firewall, even just for a few minutes.

  northumbria61 11:19 01 Jun 2014

Take a read here Installation Error

I don't use MSE but I would suggest you uninstall and reinstall MSE using one of the programs suggested in this link.

I don't use Norton either, I use AVG Full Internet Security - when installing this it disables the Windows firewall. I would think this would be the same with Norton. Then if you were to uninstall your 3rd party security things should revert automatically to Windows firewall. In my opinion you shouldn't have to turn it on.

If you disable your Norton firewall and it doesn't revert to Windows firewall then take a look here Windows Firewall on/Off

But try the uninstall/reinstall of MSE first and that hopefully should cure the "updates" problem.

  Badger Man 15:36 05 Jun 2014

Still no resolution to the problem - I have logged on to the Microsoft Support Forum, and found that other users have the same problem (not all of them using Norton), but no answer (yet) that resolves this. Will have another look when I am back from holidays!

  Badger Man 11:10 11 Aug 2014

Have tried the "Repair Windows Essentials" in Control Panel - a Window pops up saying "Repairs didn't go as smoothly as we'd like". Two error messages - 0x80070643 and 0x80040609, which both refer to needing to turn on Windows firewall. As Norton Internet Security overrules the Windows firewall I still cannot turn it on. I do not wish to uninstall Norton Internet Security! I also am worried that if I uninstall Windows Essentials and then try to install it afresh and it does not work, I will have lost my Windows Live Mail programme. As Windows Live Mail is working OK, I have decided to leave well alone until Microsoft have sorted out this difficulty once and for all.

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