Windows error causing me to use the public account?

  HarryBatley 20:48 06 May 2015

I woke up yesterday, turned on my PC and it took longer than usual to boot up. I first discovered my wallpaper was the original stock image then I realised all my applications/folders were gone apart from the basics. I found all my files in the administrator folde which i thought i was and no one else uses this computer. I then discovered i am using this public folder as when i go to the users folder i see, TEMP, Administrator and Public which is unlocked. How do i acyivate the administrator and get my PC to how it was before. At the moment i cannot download anything and the fonts are in terrible quality! For this user the download folder is located here: Computer/C:/Windows/System32/config/systemprofile/downloads Weird! Please help!

  wee eddie 20:51 06 May 2015

Are you sure that the PC has not opened in Safe Mode?

  HarryBatley 20:53 06 May 2015

@WEE EDDIE Yes i'm sure

  lotvic 21:56 06 May 2015

Sorry to ask the basics.. Have you closed down and unplugged from mains and then held in the power button for 30 secs (this clears the volatile memory, discharges residual current etc), then plug back in and boot pc up.

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