Windows Eleven Will come or Not ?

  Jamesjustin1431 09:44 21 Mar 2017

Hello Everyone today i am discussing about Microsoft windows. Everyone you know Microsoft had declared that they will now released and version of windows not. Anyone has information about the windows 11 when this window will be come out if come then what are the features in it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:12 21 Mar 2017

Windows 11 will not come out

They are just going to do major updating to windows 10 every six to twelve months or so, that's what is referred to as the anniversary updates.

  bremner 10:12 21 Mar 2017

Microsoft have consistently said there will be no new Windows after W10. It is expected they will progress as Apple do with OSX with "updates" to W10 with the next update seemingly scheduled for mid April release. click here

It is also suggested are that the '10' will disappear and it will simply be known as Windows.

But who knows.

  wee eddie 11:59 21 Mar 2017

At some point Windows (10) will become so bloated that some kind of resolution will be required.

My guess is Windows (PC), Windows (Laptop), Windows (Touchscreen), Windows (Tablet), Windows (Phone)

  alanrwood 15:17 21 Mar 2017

What you are suggesting is exactly the opposite of Microsoft's stated objective.

The installer may become larger but that does not mean that the installed software needs to be larger. The installer selects which parts of itself to install depending on what it is installing on and your personal choices (if any)

  Menzie 16:11 21 Mar 2017

Microsoft have stated that there will be no new Windows but I'm wondering about in the future when new technology surfaces especially in hardware and rewrites are required at the kernel level.

Only time will tell.

It will be interesting, traditionally a new Windows has been released right around when I'm about to upgrade.

  Govan1x 08:09 22 Mar 2017

Noticed another big update today. KB4015438 probably to get computers ready for the latest upgrade.

  Burn-it 16:36 22 Mar 2017

Windows update will continue to get larger and larger since the policy is to make EVERY update a roll up of ALL updates up to that point until the next MAJOR RELEASE.

  Ryan Stevens 11:47 03 Apr 2017

I'm exciting for waiting about Windows 11 when it will come. Because how they launch Windows 10 it's really very awesome Windows and of course, when they launch Windows 11 it will better more than Windows 10.I'm waiting when Microsoft announced to launch about Windows 11.

  Burn-it 16:08 03 Apr 2017

There is not going to be an 11 MS are now concentrating on Windows as a Service and with the Latest release have confirmed that. The latest is at least 4Gb in size and is aimed very heavily at media support which I'm not interested in.

I will be removing Windows 10 from my machine and sticking with 7. Even without MS updates, (when they stop) if you have decent 3rd party malware program it will still be no worse than it is now..

Linux use is going to increase raapidly.

  harshsaini0000 11:53 13 Apr 2017

Thanks for your reply. After many discussion finally i got windows Microsoft has no plan to Release windows Eleven they update windows 10. 1">[click here tell me why Microsoft say no for windows eleven. many of my doubts are cleared what i think.

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