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Windows does not regognise updates

  Hetti 17:29 06 Mar 2013

When I click check for updates PC says I have "Never installed any updates" although it says there are no important updates available only two optional ones, I did about 11 updates on the 13th of last month and they showed up in "review installed updated" at that time, now there are none in that list. Win vista

PC is set to run updates at 3 o clock every day but it dont do them so I need to check every day.

  chub_tor 18:26 06 Mar 2013
  Hetti 19:19 07 Mar 2013

Thanks chub-tor

I will print that out and when I visit my brother next week I will see if I can carry out the instructions.


  Hetti 10:42 09 Mar 2013

Update I've not been able to get to my brothers yet, but he phoned me today and reported he gets error code 80072EFE alternating with the prevouis message. I looked online and some people found it was a root kit infection? anyone know anything abt this, I hope to to his house next week to help him (hopefully)

  chub_tor 11:54 09 Mar 2013
  Hetti 13:33 09 Mar 2013


THanks that seems a more sraightfoward solution I will try that first. hopefully Monday afternoon.


  Hetti 15:42 12 Mar 2013


I went to brother's yesterday, tried to carry out the download from the link you provided (win fix it)but when I tried to open it I got the message "Cannot open file, do you want to search online for something to open it" I clicked OK but it came back with no results for it.

Same thing happened for the GophaSpeak link too.

The computer can download other software no problem as I downloaded Malwarebytes Okay

As his PC is working Ok I wonder if it would be safe to leave it as it is until such time there is another update for Vista then see what happens then?

Also is there a site where I could see when the last Vista update was issued?, with my very limited knowledge was thinking that maybe there have been none since the 13th of last month, with Vista being an old operating system.If this was so then at least we would know the PC is right when it reports "There are no important updates for your computer".


  chub_tor 17:29 12 Mar 2013

Microsoft issues its updates on the second Tuesday of every month *Patch Tuesday" and as it happens today is the day, so if there are going to be any updates for Vista you should see them in the next 24 hours if you are set to download them automatically.

In fact I have just checked for Windows 8 and there are 16 for me today so now would be a good time to check for Vista updates.

  Hetti 19:28 12 Mar 2013


Great thanks..... 3 update available and PC is doing them now, I dont know if they will be shown in the "Installed updates" yet, but at least I know "updates" are working

Thanks for your time

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