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Windows Defender and other AV

  highside 10:45 20 Feb 2016

Norton renewal time again for me, do I really need it or is Win 10 Defender good enough with Malwarebytes that I use regularly? Thanks for looking

  Govan1x 11:03 20 Feb 2016

If you are renewing Norton shop about and you will get it a lot cheaper. Windows defender has always been pretty useless. Not sure what like it is on W10 though if past experience has anything to do with it will probably be as poor as the ones that have gone on before.

You have to watch Norton, I believe that they actually charge you for renewal unless you tell them not to. I may have got that wrong I know that they used to do that maybe they have stopped doing it now. Why buy from them when you can probably get it half the price elsewhere.

Malwarebytes is that the Free or pro version. I have had to stop the pro version from running at start up as it uses all the disk space up on W10.

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