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Windows Defender finding threat original back up.

  RC67 09:14 03 Jun 2017

My laptop came with Windows 7 I have keep it current with 10, Windows defender has been running the whole time but now it is saying that a couple of old 5 year old back-up .zip files are a threat. 2 files out of 32 .zip files will ruin the back-up to get me back to the original factory setup. any suggestions as to why this is happening now?

  Archonar 10:18 03 Jun 2017

The databases of "threats" are constantly being updated as new threats appear, so that may explain why it has only just noticed the issue. It may be that the files aren't actually a threat but they are just in the same format as a malicious file - is there any more information about what the actual issue is with the files?

  q33ny 09:43 04 Jun 2017

If you know that those files are OK, ignore the message and you can also add them for exclusion. If you are not sure, I suggest use a second anti-virus to scan that back up. If the second sees the same I would recommend to remove those files. Better safe than sorry.

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