Windows Defender Exceptions Not Working

  MeMeBigBoy 18:32 03 May 2017

Whenever I try to run the OpusDev Forza Horizon 3, Windows defender detects "malware" and messes up the whole folder. I've excluded all the exe. and the entire folder just to be safe but it will still say that there has been malware detected if I try to run the auto install and removes something.

The only way I got it to run (once) was to turn off defender before running the installer. If I turn it off after I've ran the auto installer (even just once), the malware detected notification will still pop up and I'll get an error saying that FH3 cannot be started if I try to run the launcher.

What confuses me is why the exceptions I'm setting arent doing anything and why defender still runs after I've turned it off completely. I want to know if this is a common issue and if theres a way to fix it.

I've downloaded this 60gb file 4 times and I dont even want to play the game that much.

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