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Windows Defender, Download of Updates fails

  KenArton 12:47 19 Jan 2017

Hello, I am using Windows 10, and my web browser is Mozilla Firefox.
I launch Windows Defender, select the Update tab then click on Update Definitions. The download process starts, with green bar moving across the progress bar. It gets about one third of the way then just stops -- no error message or any other indication of what is happening. I have tried several times, and left it for hours, but it never completes, and I just have to cancel it. I have not tried turning off the Windows Firewall, but am reluctant to do this. Can you advise on what is going wrong? Many thanks.

  Archonar 12:59 19 Jan 2017

Personally I would recommend that you don't use Windows Defender as it lags behind almost all 3rd party products in terms of protection.

If you are intent on using it, however, then downloading the correct copy of the newest version for windows 10 and running it manually should hopefully fix the update issues. Scroll down to the manual downloads section of this page for the download, make sure you download the right version (x32 or x64): click here

  KenArton 15:35 19 Jan 2017

Hello, Thanks for prompt reply. In the past I have found that third party security software tends to cause problems, so prefer to avoid. I have followed the link on your page to Windows Defender download, and downloaded the mpam-fe.exe file for 64bit (which my PC is). First time I launched it a message popped up that the app was not suitable for my PC, then on further attempts nothing happens at all. What should I try now?

  Archonar 15:55 19 Jan 2017

I'm sure you are since you said your pc is x64 but are you definite about that? I don't want to insult your intelligence but it is a mistake I have made before. Was that the exact error message you received? Maybe try re-downloading it and run it as an administrator, and if the error message comes up again screenshot it and post it here to give us a bit more information to work with?

  Burn-it 16:34 19 Jan 2017

You PC may be 64bit capable, but IS it running 64bit Windows. as suggested. Many sites install 32bit Windows on 64bit machines, mainly because there is more software for it (not that it is actually helpful)

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