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Windows automatically restarts at random time

  AdamZ770 19:02 21 Dec 2018

My Windows 10 automatically restarts no matter if pc is using 100% or 1% of cpu or hdd so i thought it might be a system fail. Do you know how can i check why it restarted right after it happens and do you have an answer for why it does?

  Govan1x 20:28 21 Dec 2018

overheating maybe. When was the last time you cleaned inside.

  LV426 11:37 22 Dec 2018

Widows update set to restart automatically ?

  peter.1122 12:41 22 Dec 2018

How to Fix Random Restarts on Windows:

  1. Check for Hardware Changes or Issues
  2. Change Advanced System Settings
  3. Change Power Options Settings
  4. Perform a Clean Boot to Fix Random Restarts on Windows 10 Anniversary
  5. Reinstall the Graphics Drivers Still, need help? I would request you to kindly visit my company website for the best solution, read more
  wee eddie 15:05 22 Dec 2018

Peter's advice may be acceptable but he is a Spammer - FE told

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