Windows activation after reinstalling +random word

  Jean-Marc Boulier 08:43 09 Apr 2018


I have reinstalled Windows 10 and I chose Windows 10 Home N hoping to get rid of useless software while I have a Windows 10 Home licence.

What should I do to activate my Windows? Is there a way to install Widows 10 Home over 10 Home N without losing my configuration, programs and files?

  Govan1x 09:07 09 Apr 2018

I never knew that there was a Windows 10N until you posted.

Looking it up N is for those in Europe and those programs do not get loaded with it. Windows 10, they don’t include Windows Media Player, Groove Music, Movies & TV, Voice Recorder, or Skype.

Now if you were to go from W/N to just plain Windows those extra programs will be added.

On most upgrades you can take files and folders with you but not sure if you can do it with your choices.

I would imagine you could take your files and folders with you but will leave that one to the experts to advise you.

A very interesting post and looking forward to seeing the outcome.

  [DELETED] 17:00 09 Apr 2018

Unfortunately it's a different version of Windows - that's why it won't activate. You'll have to reinstall Windows 10 home and reinstall your apps etc.

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