Windows 9 free for 8.1 users

  chub_tor 10:01 29 Sep 2014

Click Here comes from a couple of different sources. Might be good news for those Windows 8 doubters.

  Forum Editor 12:32 29 Sep 2014

Transferred to Windows help from Speakers Corner.

  sharpamat 18:53 30 Sep 2014

Microsoft will begin to release Technical Previews of the Windows 10 tomorrow,

  sharpamat 19:18 30 Sep 2014

It seem from early reports the Start menu is back but until final date in late 2015 anything could happen

  rdave13 18:19 03 Oct 2014

Installed it through Win 8.1 32-bit. So far it has broken Avast and re-downloading Windows Media Centre, key accepted, it has also broken that :)

Betas for you. Still - AVG is running ok.

Start menu is ok. Has all the apps (programs) in list and you can drop your favourites to the right hand side of it as tiles if you wish. No charms bar or change apps on top left corner on my laptop. Boots directly to desktop. Apps close completely using the 'x' top right.

Didn't like the old start menu so went back to the start page that I'm used to now.

  rdave13 18:39 03 Oct 2014

One thing I forgot Jock1e is that the F8 tweak for safe mode still works.

  chub_tor 21:52 03 Oct 2014

Just installed it on a very old Advent laptop with a 1GHZ Sempron processor, 40Gb Hard Drive and 1 Mb RAM. Took a bit of time and had several moments when I thought that the installation had stalled but after about 45 minutes I had it up and running. Once I connected to the internet all the drivers were loaded and the system is running sweetly.

I think that most Win 7 users will be pleasantly surprised by it as it brings back many of the features such as a red x for closing apps and a Program List with apps alongside it.

Looking forward to playing with it some more tomorrow.

  rdave13 22:30 03 Oct 2014

chub_tor ditto on a low spec laptop. Fatal mistake I did was to re - install Media Centre, that put the kybosh on it so far. It has reverted to Win 8.1 Pro with Media Center Evaluation copy Build 9841. Have posted on the Microsoft forums to see if I need to re-install the 10 evaluation. Still works as Windows 10 though.

  rdave13 22:34 03 Oct 2014

Jock1e , in a nutshell it's win 8.1 with the start menu.

Personally I think it will be the tops that Microsoft will have produced. Same as Android and Apple.

  chub_tor 12:23 04 Oct 2014

rdave13 I haven't tried to install media centre, this laptop has only a 40Gb hard drive and there are a few other programs that I want to install to try them out first.

  rdave13 13:18 04 Oct 2014

chub_tor don't install Windows Media Centre or any AV as not compatible I'm told. Only use defender on the evaluation copy. My copy changed to Win 8.1 Pro with Media Center Evaluation copy Build 9841 after installing WMC. So I'm just reinstalling the win 10 evaluation copy and leaving it 'as is' this time.

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