Windows 8/8.1 Recovery Disk

  Harvey10 14:10 29 Dec 2013


I have just purcahsed a new HP Laptop and HP Desktop(both preinstalled with Win 8).

  1. Should I upgrade both to win 8.1 before creating the recovery disk as I can only do this once?

  2. If I create the recovery disk in win 8 will it still work when I upgrade to win 8.1 (which I presume I will eventually have to do) or would I have to create a new one / will it let me as it says you can only create once?

  3. Which ever route I take above do I need to create a seperate recovery disk for laptop and pc or would 1 work on both

Thank you

  darkomano 00:13 18 Jan 2014

There should be no problem creating recovery CDs/USBs as many as you want.

The program for creating recovery CD/DVD/USB in Windows 8 is "RecoveryDrive.exe".

To start - WinKey+X, "Run" and type program name.

I assume you have installed Windows 8 64-bit version on both desktop and laptop - Recovery Media should be same bit version as installed OS.

I would create Win 8 Recovery Media before upgrading to 8.1 and later create a separate Win 8.1 Recovery Media(CD/USB).

Recovery Media is always necessary and should be kept in a safe place.

  sharpamat 06:55 18 Jan 2014

Apart from endorsing the above advice I believe the recommendation is to use a USB stick to make and restore the recovery media ( I used a 32 MG on the HP laptop as advised ) HP will only allow you to make one which will allow you to restore to as the system came. Once upgraded to 8.1 you can the create a disc image as many as you like from control panel

  BRYNIT 09:57 18 Jan 2014

I have recently upgraded a HP Envey fo my brother.

You will need about 6 DVD disk the recovery disks of win 8 as it uses the recovery files on the drive it will not create recovery disks for Win 8.1.

After you have installed win 8.1 some of the original options like reverting it back to factory default will not work you would need the recovery disks for this.

After the upgraded you will also need to down load some new drivers for win 8.1 from the HP site.

If you use HDMI to connect to a TV you may have a slight problems with the sound going through the TV. The HDMI icon in playback devices just wouldn't show, there is a driver update for this somewhere o the HP site. Eventually after leaving the TV and laptop connected via HDMI for about an hour whilst doing something else the icon suddenly appeared.

After I installing win 8.1 I create a backup of the drive just to be safe.

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