Windows 8.1 + USB3 Desktop HDD

  mattlivermore 18:06 09 Dec 2013

Hi there,

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, (also happened in 8) I'm having a problem with my USB3 Seagate Desktop HDD.

For some reason my computer is not finding the drive after it's been switched off. I have to unplug-and re-plug in the USB lead for computer to recognise it. It's fine after a reboot - just a full shutdown causes the problem.

This causes a few annoying error messages on startup as I have both iCloud, and Dropbox set to this Desktop HDD. The problem did not occur in Windows 7.

I've tried disabling the "Automatically Switch this USB device off to save power" setting. Also downloaded Seatools software to ensure the drive never "Sleeps". Nothing has worked yet. Trying a different USB port gives same results. No other USB device has any problems during startup.

Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H-WB WIFI. HDD is a Seagate 2TB.

I did try (as a last resort) using the Windows 7 USB3 drivers instead of the "built in" native USB3 support that Windows 8 provides. This didn't seem to work.

Any help / tips / ideas greatly appriciated!

Cheers, Matt

Any help / ideas would be great.

  mattlivermore 20:47 10 Dec 2013

Ahh - nice suggestion.

Using a USB2 port solves this, so obviously something up with Win8 / USB3 native drivers, or handling.

Thanks for the suggestion! :)

Will just bear with USB2 speeds until a fix appears.

Cheers, Matt

  Bris 13:51 11 Dec 2013

It may be worth checking your BIOS settings.

I have a UD4H motherboard and the settings relating to USB3 are on pages 56 & 57 under the headings xHCI and legacy USB support.

  jaywoo 00:53 12 Dec 2013

There's a problem with Windows 8/8.1 and some USB3 devices - had similar issues with my Buffalo USB3 drive. I tried everything you mentioned in your post with no improvement, then found a solution here.

  Bris 09:31 12 Dec 2013

Thanks for the link Jaywoo.

I upgraded from W8 to W8.1 6 days ago - BIG MISTAKE! - and am still recovering from the mess it made.

There doesnt appear to be a driver for my scanner which was ok in W8 so as I had W8 set up in a virtual machine. I installed the W8 driver in there and it worked. Several hours later I reloaded the VM and it would no longer recognise the scanner so I removed it from the USB3 socket and plugged it into a USB2 and it now works ok.

I followed your links suggestion and looked into advanced power settings and my HDD was set to 20 mins also (soon changed it) but also noticed a check box further on relating to USB namely "USB settings" and under "USB selective suspend setting" changed it to disabled. I am waiting to see if that has any effect.

Just wondering what other nasties MS have inflicted upon us long suffering users.

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