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Windows 8.1 Start menu add-on

  aphrodite42 10:34 28 Dec 2014

I have just bought a Toshiba laptop with 8.1 and admit it will take some getting used to after many years of using XP and W7. I recall reading some time ago that there is an add-on to download which will give a Start menu like the one we are used to with W7. Has anyone used this and found it satisfactory and if so what is it called?

  AroundAgain 10:44 28 Dec 2014

Hi Yes, there are a few, as far as I know, but I use Classic Shell. It's a free download

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:49 28 Dec 2014

Move from XP to win 8.1 with Classic shell without problems

its only if you want to delve deep into windows setings that its a little different - move the mouse to the extreme right to get the sidebar and selet devices or settings from there.

With classic shell I very rarely use the apps.

  aphrodite42 16:41 28 Dec 2014

Thanks to you all. I have downloaded Classic Shell (just the Start Menu Windows 7 version) and it looks as if it will make life a lot easier.

Happy New Year.

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